Legacy Code – Working Absolutely Safely With It

Legacy Code

9 systematic approaches that will help you UNDERSTAND your Legacy Code

Have a better chance at maintaining the code in the manner it and your users deserve:

  1. For-the-win! There is no substitute for talking to the person who wrote the code.
  2. Initiate discussions about outdated code. Prioritise and reward.
  3. Write tests and prove your UNDERSTANDing of the legacy code. 
  4. Stop digging a deeper hole…. Keep those tests up to date.
  5. Correct hypothesis before you change the code. By doing this, you prove that you UNDERSTAND the legacy code. 
  6. Design your code as an architecture. 
  7. Document and take notes with annotations, it´s a great help for UNDERSTANDing old code. 
  8. Use automated knowledge to multiply your brain power
  9. Try to say no (in the right way)