Understand 6.3: New Release

Understand 6.3: New Release

We are happy to announce the new Release of Understand 6.3.

Besides graph updates, the new violation browser, automated dependency rules, automatic architecture visualization, and AUTOSAR C++14 coding standard support, the new Background Codecheck capability is one of the most popular new features of the latest Understand release.

The Codecheck tool is continuously being improved by SciTools´ engineers to enforce coverage of more rules and compliance to more coding standards with each release.

Codecheck can already be run automatically as part of a CI/CD system but Understand 6.3 takes it to the next level; Background Codecheck verifies your code each time you save a file, so there is nearly continuous verification of your code to a number of well-known coding standards literally as you develop your code.

Learn how to enable Background code checks to your project here.