ChatGPT AI – How to add it successful


ChatGPT is creating quite a storm by bringing visible AI to the masses.

It is based on a Machine Learning (ML) model that understands human input and answers in a natural-sounding way.

At the highest learning level, the programme optimises itself with what is called “Proximal Policy Optimisation” (PPO). It all sounds very futuristic.

But, there’s more: You can now add ChatGPT as a custom tool within the SciTools Understand interface.

You must first install the plugin, which can be found on the SciTools website.

Select some code and then, as if by magic, OpenAI’s automatic explanation will be returned… with some margin of error, of course – even artificial intelligence has the odd.

The ChatGPT cannot write a program, but it can create or describe certain functions.

Depending on the request you make to the system or how you formulate it. Link and setup instructions can be found here.

Welcome to the future…!