Emenda receives JOSCAR certification


We are pleased to announce that Emenda, a leading provider of mission-critical software development tools, throughout North America and Europe, has achieved JOSCAR certification in the UK.

This is a significant milestone for us and is the culmination of our ongoing efforts to improve services and operations and align them with best practices and standards.

What is JOSCAR?

JOSCAR (Joint Supply Chain Accreditation Register) is a comprehensive accreditation framework designed specifically for the aerospace, defence, and security industries in the UK. This system was born out of a joint effort led by the ADS Group. It includes a growing list of leading contractors and the Department of Defence as a registered customer. The use of JOSCAR enables the suitability assessment of a supplier for a future business relationship.

What does the certification stand for?

As a JOSCAR-certified company, Emenda Limited joins an exclusive group of trusted suppliers for aerospace, defence and security contractors and software producers. Our certification assures our customers and partners that the products and services that we provide are done so via the JOSCAR framework, with the levels of transparency, reliability and security required by it.

How JOSCAR works:

A key objective of JOSCAR is to match the level of detail of the information provided by suppliers and third parties with the specific types of goods or services they offer. This is achieved through a dynamic, two-step process designed to be as lean as possible.

The first stage involves gathering basic information about a supplier or third party, creating a profile that includes their legal status, financial health, and the type of goods or services they offer. Based on this profile, an initial risk assessment is carried out to decide whether the second stage, in which more detailed information is collected, is necessary.

In the second phase, suppliers complete a comprehensive questionnaire, which may require additional documentation, such as policy statements and certificates. To maximize efficiency, only questions related to the goods or services previously specified in the first phase are asked at this stage.

What are the advantages of the JOSCAR certification of a provider for the customer?

As a cross-sector network, JOSCAR streamlines the process and reduces the time, cost, and duplication of effort required to convey critical information to key sourcing entities.

JOSCAR provides a sophisticated risk management tool by conducting impartial assessments of potential risks associated with vendors. These assessments are tailored to the type of products and services offered and cover all relevant areas of compliance.

The system centralizes the shared supplier information and provides convenient access to it for all buyers involved. This consolidation eliminates repetitive tasks for procurement and vendor administration teams, alike.

Once the supplier details have been verified, they will be made available to the community. Members can search, audit, and generate reports through a standard web browser, with the option to integrate this information with other software or workflows.

The management of supplier information is staggered according to the delivery risk. This approach dictates the specific data that is needed as well as the level of validation required. Supplier risk levels are determined using a customisable, automated, risk-based heatmap developed in collaboration with the customer.

If you are interested, you can find more information here.